Confluence Park River Sculpture with School Children

Educational and Programming Partnerships

Confluence Park Classroom with Donor Wall

Estela Avery Education Center Photos

Rainwater Catchment and Embayment

Construction Photos

Educational Field Trip

Inspired during Educational Field Trips

Confluence Park Outdoor Class

Ecological Success Stories

Confluence Park Pavilion with Sign

What is Behind the Name: Confluence Park?

Myra's Traveling Bootcamp Event

Myra’s Traveling Bootcamp

Colonial Hills Field Trip

Seeing the Park Change Students

Grand Opening March 2018

Low Impact Development (LID)

Parametric Modeling

White-striped Long-tailed Skipper Caterpillar

The Story of “Tomato Head”

Confluence Park Wins 2019 AIA Honor Award

Confluence Park Wins 2019 AIA Honor Award

Construction Video

Educational Field Trip

Lowering Barriers to Entry

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